A Hilux battery tray is an essential part of your car’s mechanism, though we don’t think much of it when we think of a car battery.

Your car battery is undoubtedly an important part of your car and most of us tend to give much importance to it, and rightly so as it is the one that powers your car in the first place. But for your car battery to run smoothly and efficiently, you need a ton of surrounding parts that give it the necessary support, so it can function at its best.

One such battery is the Hilux battery tray. Before we go on to decide whether you need a Hilux battery tray or not, let’s take a brief look at what a Hilux battery tray is all about.

What is a Hilux Battery Tray?

A Hilux battery tray, as the name suggests, is a tray that holds your battery. But it does much more than just being a base for your battery. What it essentially does is, it keeps your car battery in place and prevents it from rattling around when your car is in motion. This is particularly important for those cars that are meant for off-road driving and extreme sports.

These Hilux battery trays also perform a more important function and one that we don’t often relate with. Your car batteries comprise of two blades, one made of lead and the other made of lead oxide. Both are submerged in sulphuric acid to trigger a chemical reaction that emits electrolytes and in turn, powers your car.

But this sulphuric acid that acts as a catalyst inside your car battery may leak often and this can corrode the metals present beneath your car battery. To prevent the impact of this leak on other important car parts, a Hilux car battery is essential. It takes all the acid that is leaked from the car battery and prevents this leak from reaching the more important parts of your car such as the radiator or the chassis.

Due to these two reasons, a Hilux battery tray has become an indispensable part of every car.

Now here comes the important question.

Do You Need A Hilux Battery Tray?

A Hilux battery tray is often seen as an accessory for your car battery. When you buy your car for the first time, you can ask for this Hilux battery tray to be installed in it for greater protection. For those who don’t know much about car mechanics, the battery tray may not come with the car and it is still fine. Most times, people don’t tend to drive so much and their lack of knowledge about the car’s battery and its leaks can lead to expensive repairs later on.

To avoid these situations, you can install a Hilux battery tray at the time of buying a vehicle and can replace it once every few years when you notice the signs of rust.

So, how can you know that it is time to replace your battery tray?

The first sign is when you see pieces of rust falling from your car, it means that one or more of your parts are rusted and have to be replaced. The most likely candidate here is the Hilux battery tray as it is the one that gets rusted quickly because of the acid leaking from the car battery.

The other sign to watch out for is the faults with the car battery. If your car fails to start or if the lights or hon is dim, then these are signs that your car battery is wearing off and one of the reasons could be the wearing out of your battery tray and the leaking of acid on the associated parts.

Now comes the big question. Can you live without a Hilux battery tray? The answer is yes but be prepared for expensive repairs that may come much later in your car’s life or if you plan to drive often to the Great Australian Outback. In fact, the money spent on your Hilux battery tray will be insignificant when compared to the expensive repairs that you’ll be making later on. In this sense, your tray is preemptive insurance that protects many car parts from further damage.

Thus, here are some of the reasons you need a Hilux battery tray.

  • When you plan to use the car for many years
  • You are concerned about the life of your car and its working parts
  • You want to stay away from possible expensive repairs in the later life of your car.
  • You plan to use it to drive through off-road conditions and for extreme sports
  • You want to protect the life of your battery and prevent any costly replacements that may come with it.
  • You are ready to spend a few tens of dollars to buy a Hilux battery tray instead of replacing the more expensive radiator or chassis.

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, you should invest in a Hilux battery tray as it can enhance the life of your car battery and the parts that are associated with it.

To conclude, a car battery is an important part of your car, but like any other part, it is subject to a lot of wear and tears especially when you drive through off-roads or rough patches of paved roads often. To protect your battery, you need to seal and ensure that it doesn’t move around much and this is best achieved with a Hilux battery tray.

Moreover, acid leaks from car batteries, and this acid can quickly corrode the metal parts such as radiators and chassis that are located right below the battery. To prevent the acid from falling on to these parts, you need to install a Hilux battery tray that will collect this acid for you.

Thus, a Hilux battery tray is an important accessory that can double up as insurance against expensive repairs, and hence it is something that every car owner should have in his or her car.