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Those who require immediate dental health treatment can benefit from the services of an emergency dentist. If you understand what an emergency dentist does and which services they offer for this type of situation, you’ll definitely know what to do if you ever encounter a dental emergency.

What is an Emergency Dentist

An emergency dentist is a normal dentist that treats urgent dental problems. A dental emergency is an oral health problem that needs urgent and fast attention to be treated. Regularly, these cases are teeth that have been cracked or knocked out by some type of incident. Other cases would be intolerable pain or excessive bleeding. If you ignore any of these situations that call for emergency treatment, your situation can get worse, making it last longer and cost much more. 

An emergency dentist can promptly assess and select the best course of action for a range of emergency situations. Whereas it may be difficult to book an appointment with a normal dentist on the same day that dental treatment is required, an emergency dentist specializes in providing patients with rapid care.

A dental emergency consists of anything that’s not a routine (x-rays, consultation every six months, or cleaning). To address the pain, discomfort, and trauma on your mouth, emergency care must be taken. Some of these traumas might cause bleeding, damage to the gums, and fracture to the tooth. Looking for emergency dentist Paddington?


How To Know If You Need an Emergency Dentist 

In general, only go to the ER if you believe you have a life-threatening dental problem. Breaking your jaw in an accident, having problems breathing or swallowing, or intense discomfort that you can’t control are all examples of life-threatening oral diseases. Even while tooth discomfort is inconvenient, it is rarely dangerous or life-threatening. 

You’ll need an emergency dentist if you either have or feel any of these symptoms or discomforts:

Many oral infections can also progress to an abscess, which can be extremely painful and cause fever as well as severe swelling of the mouth. When this happens, you’ll need to see an emergency dentist right away.

An emergency dentist won’t be needed If you have mild pain in your teeth/gum, lost fillings, broken dental material, broken retainers, or damaged crowns/veneers. 

What Things Do an Emergency Dentist Treats

One of the best aspects of an emergency dentist is that they can handle a wide range of issues. Any oral health condition that urges to be treated immediately is best to leave in the hands of an emergency dentist.

There are some oral health issues that occur more frequently than others and can be treated by an emergency dentist. To relieve your pain or save the affected tooth, dental emergencies require to be taken care of immediately. The following are some types of cases that need an urgent dentist trip:

When a tooth is knocked out, damaged, or fractured, an infection can cause a dental abscess. If a crown or filling falls out, it is better for you to visit an emergency dentist and take immediate care of the tooth.

How Does an Emergency Dentists Treat a Broken Tooth

A fractured tooth needs the help of an emergency dentist as soon as possible. They are the best people to see if you have a broken tooth. This is because they are equipped to deal with emergency situations. Many people are afraid of breaking a tooth since it can be painful and frightening. It is, nonetheless, critical to remain calm and take action to obtain therapy. The step is to see an emergency dentist who can explain all of your treatment options. 

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Dental Bonding Through Reattachment 

The simplest technique to fix a damaged tooth is to use dental bonding to reattach it. A dental bonding operation can be performed by an emergency dentist as soon as the patient arrives. Dental bonding is quick, easy, and painless, which is encouraging to individuals who are concerned about discomfort. 

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are an additional treatment option for a fractured tooth. When you attend an emergency dentist, they can shave down the shattered tooth to remove any rough edges. To prevent additional damage, a protective temporary covering might be placed over the tooth.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown can also be used to repair a fractured tooth. Dental crowns are full coverage caps that cover a tooth, usually a molar. Depending on the patient’s desires and demands, they can be built of gold, porcelain, or resin. 

What Things Should You Do While Waiting For a Callback on Your Dental Emergency

While you wait for your dentist to call back, you can do a couple of things to help reduce your pain or discomfort. Besides staying calm, comfortable, and protecting your tooth from having the worst rupture, these are some things you can do to help yourself:

  1. If your tooth has been knocked out or severely loosened, you should try to keep it in its place. Placing a moistened gauze over the tooth can help it stay in place. You must avoid touching the root of the tooth so that it doesn’t get infected.
  2. Rinsing your mouth with warm salted water can alleviate pain and calm you while you wait for your dentist to call back. By using a cold compress on your cheek (near the affected tooth) you’ll help the pain and swelling reduce.
  3. If your tooth has been knocked out, if possible, try to place it back in the socket, between your cheeks/gums, or in a milk-filled container.

If you aren’t able to make a quick appointment with your dentist, ask them what is best for you to do with the problem you’re facing. Sometimes your dentist might even tell you to drink a painkiller to help you manage your pain until you receive the actual treatment.

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